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Are you sick of admiring other artist’s work while you are struggling to find your style? Are you searching for a way to fulfill your dream and get these ideas out of your head into reality? Do you seek inspiration and want to polish your artistsic vocabulary? Then this blog is for you.


I come from a very small town in South Germany and as long as I remember, I’ve always created things. In my early teenage years, I spent my time doing t-shirt designs for senior classes, before I eventually moved on to doing art. After finishing High School in 2014, I grabbed my bag and went on a crazy one-year-travel around the world where I discovered Australia, New Zealand, Hawai’i, the USA and most of all, myself.

From there on it was my dream to become a full-time artist, period. Ever since I’ve been producing art and running an artist collective. Last year I exchanged to Fudan University in Shanghai and ran into renown curator Magda Danysz, who gave me the opportunity to work with her and the gallery’s represented artists. By working with succesfull artists like VHILS, Li Hongbo and the Faile duo I was stunned on how open, supportive and interested they were in what other people do. I came to realize that while at the beginning many artists are mainly concerned with themselves, the established art world is a collaborative community that seeks to both inspire and get inspired. My mission is to change this – my blog seeks to be a place where aspiring artists can meet and profit from each other in as many ways as possible.

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Patreon is a platform made to support all kinds of creators, where you can give a small amount each month or for each creation. Your pledge is essential for building and sustaining this community and enables me to share information, tools and material to everyone, and even better, free of charge. The continuous work that is required to keep all this alive wouldn’t be able without the steady support and proves once more that a community-based and non-commercial economic model, based on free sharing of techniques and knowledge, is more than enough to survive in the modern art world. The more we are to mutualize the costs, the less we all must spend. It is also an excellent indicator for what interests you the most. Furthermore, it’s is a very important moral support for myself, which shows me that my work has a meaning.

Finally, besides my infinite gratitude, you’ll get a few rewards on Patreon with additional ‘extensions’ to my articles, special patreon-only content and multiple ways to vote or have a say on what’s next for this blog and my other platforms.

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